Tamers-in-Training Mini-Obstacle Races

Tamers-in-Training is a race option for our younger obstacle race fans. The Tamers-in-Training (4-8 year olds and 9-12 year olds) will have the opportunity to participate in smaller versions of the adult Tame The Terrain obstacle race. The cost for both age groups is $20. The youth that participate will receive both a t-shirt and a medal.

There will be two separate start times for the younger groups following the last adult heat. This event will not be timed, but based on completion of the course. The 4-8 year old participants will run roughly a half mile course with 10+ obstacles. The 9-12 year old participants will run roughly a one mile course with 15+ obstacles. There will be volunteers at each obstacle to monitor and assist the youth if needed. Parents of 4 year old participants may follow the course with their child if desired, but this is not required as there will be volunteers at each station and throughout the course.


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