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The T3 race is a 4+ mile obstacle race. It may seem longer after going up and down the hills of Jennings County and tackling rock walls, ravines, cliffs, ponds and, oh yeah, a river.

Participants are expected to complete all the obstacles. If you are too scared, unable or just plain don't want to do an obstacle, no worries. Our volunteers will provide you with an alternative; can you say "burpee?" Good! Can you DO burpees? Start your training NOW!

Part of the course includes water. Since Mother Nature is determining the amount (rain or drought), be prepared for a little or a lot. However, it will NOT be necessary to swim during the race.

We also have Tamers-in-Training Mini-Obstacle Races for our younger obstacle race fans
The Tamers-in-Training (4-8 year olds and 9-12 year olds) will have the opportunity to participate in smaller versions of the adult Tame The Terrain obstacle race. The cost for both age groups is $20. The youth that participate will receive both a t-shirt and a medal.
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